the gear, it changes everything down to a pair of headphones. your stuff influences your photos so heres a list of what i find the best gear for photographers

1. sony a55 this is the first translucent mirror camera i don’t have it but have done some research and this is the best camera out there

2.iphone 4s is perfect for photos because it has an 8 megapixel camer advanced zoom and retina display.

3.eyefi pro x2 this SD card can transfer photos from your camera to your computer or smartphone… wirelessly external drive to save photos 

and here’s what i have… powershot d10

2.macbook pro

3.ipod touch 360 yes its a game console but you can display photos on the big screen 

5.ipad 2 

6.a dream to become the greatest photographer ever

and by 2015 we will have zetabyte hard drives wich hold 36   million years of video imagine how many photos that would hold…


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